About Us

At Mainstream Mayhem Records, we are the crossroads where raw authenticity meets the pulsating heartbeat of the mainstream. Birthed from a desire to disrupt the ordinary and champion the extraordinary, we are not just a record label – we are a revolution. In a world inundated with conformity, we stand as a beacon of innovation, fostering a space where artists are not just heard, but celebrated for their originality.

Our roots are planted firmly in the rich soil of musical heritage, yet our branches reach out tirelessly towards the undiscovered horizons of sound. We are a sanctuary for the dreamers, the creators, the visionaries who dare to redefine the boundaries of music.

Mission Statement

To ignite the spark of mayhem in the heart of the mainstream.

At Mainstream Mayhem Records, we believe in the transformative power of music, a force capable of shaking up the status quo and igniting a fire in the soul. We exist to amplify the voices of artists who dare to be different, those who forge their path with unyielding originality and fierce passion.

We vow to be a sanctuary where artistry is revered over conformity, where creators are empowered to craft their narratives unapologetically. Our mission is to nurture talent in its rawest form, fostering a dynamic community that thrives on collaboration and mutual respect. In this vibrant melting pot, innovative sounds are not only welcomed but celebrated with fervor.

At the heart of Mainstream Mayhem Records is a commitment to fostering a space that is inclusive, diverse, and forward-thinking. We are more than a record label; we are a movement, a rebellious symphony orchestrating a bold new era in music. Here, artists don’t follow the trends; they create them.

Join us in this audacious journey where the mainstream meets mayhem, where the future of music is not just predicted but forged with fiery determination and artistic prowess. Together, we are crafting the next chapter of musical history, one groundbreaking note at a time.