Unleashing Your Potential with Mainstream Mayhem Records

Your Music, Amplified

At Mainstream Mayhem Records, we are not just a sanctuary for the artistically rebellious; we are your strategic partner in carving out a notable space in the music industry’s vast landscape. We bring to you a rich array of services, finely tuned to resonate with your unique artistic voice. Our mission goes beyond mere music production; we are here to elevate your music journey at every pivotal point, transforming your creative sparks into a blazing trail of success.

Our Services

1. Music & Video Distribution

Global Reach, Personal Touch
Harness the power of our expansive network that promises not just distribution but visibility on a global scale. Our experts ensure your music reaches every potential platform, connecting you to audiences that resonate with your vibe, all while maintaining the personal essence that makes your music, yours.

2. Music Promotion

Spotlight on You
Step into the limelight with our robust promotional strategies tailored to your unique sound. From creating compelling narratives around your music to ensuring it reaches the right ears, we work tirelessly to build a buzz that turns into a roar, spotlighting your talent in the crowded marketplace.

3. Marketing

Strategic Brand Building
Your music is your brand, and we are here to elevate it. Our marketing mavens craft strategies that encapsulate your essence, creating a cohesive and magnetic brand image that pulls your audience in, creating loyal fans who are attuned to your musical journey.

4. Booking and Tour Assistance

From Studio to Stage
At Mainstream Mayhem Records, we facilitate seamless transitions from the studio to the stage. Our team works behind the scenes to secure gigs that align with your brand, assisting with tour planning and logistics to ensure your live performances are as electrifying as your recordings.

5. Music Reviews and Press

Building Your Narrative
Become a staple in the music conversations that matter. Our media team orchestrates comprehensive press campaigns that include music reviews by notable critics, press releases, and feature stories that build a compelling narrative around your music, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

6. Collaborative Networking

Forge Powerful Connections
Become a part of a community where collaboration breeds innovation. We foster opportunities for you to connect and collaborate with fellow artists and industry experts, cultivating a nurturing environment where music transcends boundaries.

7. Ghost Musician Services

Discover the unmatched potential of Ghost Musician Services at Mainstream Mayhem Records. Elevate your tracks with expert contributions from seasoned professionals who enhance your music without taking the limelight. From skillful songwriting to masterful instrumental performances, our ghost musicians add that magical touch to your creations. Experience a collaborative journey like no other, where your vision meets professional expertise to craft musical masterpieces. Inquire now to transform your musical dreams into sonic reality, with the assurance of confidentiality and quality at every step.

8. Audio Recording Services

Unlock unparalleled convenience without compromising quality with our Remote Audio Recording Services. No matter where you are in the world, Mainstream Mayhem Records brings the studio to you, facilitating seamless recording sessions that bring your musical visions to life. Experience the future of music creation, where technology meets talent, allowing you to record your masterpiece from the comfort of your own space.

Join the Mayhem

Mainstream Mayhem Records is more than a label; it’s a movement. A place where your musical aspirations find the wings to soar, unfettered and bold. Our promise is to be by your side, amplifying your voice and nurturing your talent every step of the way.

Become a part of our revolution. Let’s create mayhem, one note at a time.